Guidelines for Article Submission



Journal of Applied Research Review (JARR)


Manuscript Style Guide



Article Title (the first letter cap, 14 Times New Roman)

Author’s name (first)1, Author’s name1 (second), Author’s name (third),

12 Times New Roman

1Authors affiliations



e.g. Georg Ohm1, Joseph Fourier2

                        1 Department of Physics, University of Munich, Germany

                        2Department of Mathematics, Technical University of Paris, France

Please remove any titles (Prof., Dr etc) or positions (Head, Director etc)

Affiliations contain only: department and/or faculty, institution, country




An abstract not exceeding 250 words is required at the beginning of each paper. Abstracts should be complete in themselves giving all main points of the paper, without repeating title, or making reference citations, but summarizing conclusions/ results obtained, or method(s) used.

Key words. Include five or six key words illustrating substantial points or features in the work.


Text (Heading 1)

Text in the manuscript is to be divided into sections, each section with a separate heading bold typed on a line of its own, numbered consecutively. The first section should be an Introduction. Introduction offers a scientific background by going through the literature review, and indicating the reasons for making the paper by explaining and (or) defending how the particular work is an advance on previous efforts. Subsections, when needed, should bear the section number followed by the consecutive subsection number, the two separated by a dot. Typical sections are: Introduction, Materials and methods, Results and discussions and Conclusions. The final section under the title Conclusions (or Concluding Remarks) must be the ending part of the paper followed by the Acknowledgment and the References Cited or Bibliography. MS Word Format files are acceptable. Mathematical equations, in the proper character size and appearance, should be written using the MS Equation Editor (available to all Word versions). The paper should be approximately 10pages including tables, pictures, charts, figures, bibliography.


Format (Heading 2)

All files should be in MS Word Format and ready to print in A4 size. Charts, figures, pictures and tables should be included in the main article and not submitted separately. Articles should submit in the format outlined in this specific model of article. As it is defined, the articles have a specific layout, one column, Theme Fonts Times New Roman 11pt size. Margin sizes defined as “moderate” (top-bottom 2,54 and left-right 1,91)    

  • Document bullet example


Tables (Heading 3)

All tables should have Arabic numbering format (1.2.3…), include a description and the title must be under the table, with text aligned left. Tables should be included in the main part of the article and not be submitted separately. Below you can see an example. Please do not change the format outlined in this specific model table. For example, if the table has a background font color this will not appear.


Table 1.1 This is an example of a table title


Heading Model

Heading Model

Text model

Text model

Text model

Text model



Subtitles should have text aligned left, bold theme font, cap the first letter and continuous Arabic numbering format (1,2,3…). Subtitles headings should also have the same numbering format (for example 1.1, 1.1.1).


Name of the document

Please name your document with Latin characters as follows: “Author’s last name_key word”.



You can use references in your text with indicated numbering. References should be use only single spacing, with 8pt size of theme font. Do not change the layout of this specific model otherwise change may not appear when you print the article.


Pictures, Charts, Figures

All pictures, charts or figures included in the article must have Arabic numbering (1,2,3…), a title and the right pixels and dpi in order to be distinct. The number and the title of each picture chart or figure should be below them with left align and 11pt size of theme font. Picture/chart/figure reproduced from other publications must have the related permission.   


Figure 1. This is an example of figure



The article should be submitted only electronically following step by step the directions posted in the OJS system. The contact with the authors in all stages (submission, evaluation, revision, publication) is also via electronic mail.


Publication Fee


JARR articles are Open Access. They are available online at no cost for someone to read. JARR charges a publication fee for online hosting and archiving. The submitting author must agree to pay the publication charge at some point during his registration and to complete a form with personal details. After the acceptance the author will continue with his/her submission. The charge is 40€ payable by bank transfer (IBAN: GR9601713890006389030020100).


Changes in the names of the authors

In case you want to make a change in the name or names of the authors (add or remove) or change the line of the names, this request should be made on time to the editorial committee of the journal before the article being published. In any case the written approval of the author whose name is added or removed is necessary.



Acknowledgments as well as bibliography must have a left alignment with bold theme font and cap the first letter with no numbering.


Bibliography Format

The citation being used as bibliography should be placed at the end of the article. Bibliography must include all the references used in the article and vice versa. The list of papers must be in alphabetic order.

For the citation you will use the Harvard style ( The references in the text should keep this format: [White and Brown (2004) in their recent research paper found...], [Further research (Green, Harris and Dunne, 1969) showed…] or [Green, et al. (1995) found that the majority...]. For guidelines please visit: 



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Fachinger, J. (2006). Behavior of  HTR fuel elements in aquatic phases of repository host rock formations. Nuclear Engineering & Design,236, 54.


Citing material from the Internet/websites: examples


Material Type

In-Text Example

Reference List Example

Webpage: No Author

(Improve indigenous housing 2007)

Use first few words of the page title

Improve indigenous housing now, government told, 2007. Available from: <http:/>. [8 February 2009].

Webpage: No Date

(Jones n.d.)

Jones, MD n.d., Commentary on indigenous housing initiatives. Available from: <>. [6 June 2009].

Web Document

(Department of industry, Tourism and Resources 2006)

Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources 2006, Being prepared for an influenza pandemic: a kit for small businesses, Government of Australia. Available from: <>. [28 February 2009].


(Australian Securities Exchange 2009)

Australian Securities Exchange 2009, Market Information. Available from: <>. [5 July 2009].   


(Newton 2007)

Newton, A 2007, Newcastle toolkit. 16 January 2007. Angela Newton: Blog. Available from: <>. [23 February 2007].

Computer Software

( 2005), computer software 2005. Available from: <http:/>. [11 January 2005].

Web Based Image / table / figure

(The Lunar Interior 2000)

The Lunar Interior, 2000. Available from: <>. [28 November 2000].


(National Gallery 2012) 

National Gallery 2012, Episode seventy one (September 2012), The National Gallery monthly podcast, (podcast) September 2012, Available from:  <>. [26 October 2012].   


(Leonardo da Vinci 2012)

'Art Wikia', Leonardo da Vinci, (wiki article), October 8, 2012, Available from: <>. [26 October 2012].

As Wikis usually feature user generated content there is usually no named author. Cite the title of the Wiki and date of last revision

Facebook and Twitter 

(Smith 2012)

Smith, P 2012, Social networking group, (Facebook), 6 October. Available from: <>. [29 October 2012].


(The History of Project management 2010)

The history of project management, 2010 (video file), Available from: <>. [26 October 2012].

MOOCs video

(Forsey & May 2013)

Forsey, M & May, V 2013, Discussion with Dr Vanessa May, video file in Developing the Sociological Imagination on UWA class2go, Semester 1, 2013, University of Western Australia. Available from: < videos.dvm>. [30 May 2013].