The Project Management Discipline in Education

Isaak Vryzidis


The organizational structure of the primary and higher education constitutes a timeless subject, while significant questions has been raised during the last decades concerning the effective management of the huge organisational system, the better utilisation of the available resources, the pupils and the beneficiaries satisfaction and the social issues related to all aspects of the public. Education constitutes a dynamic system due to the changes required for the adaptation and improvement of the education system based on the innovative and more efficient pedagogical approaches. The organisational structure of the Greek educational system follows the traditional hierarchical structure where the duties and authorisations are escalated into the hierarchy. This research work focuses on the re-engineering of the primary and higher education structure to a matrix organisational structure at local and regional level based on a project oriented approach. This organisational structure requires significant changes into the roles and duties of all the stakeholders which are analysed in this paper. Also, this structure provides advantages for the adaptation of the Education in the needs of the modern society. Finally, the actions to be taken for the efficient implementation of this adaptation into a rational time range are outlined.


Organisational Behavior;Formal Education;Project Management

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