Matlab based observations on the solutions of Discrete Infinite System

Perikles G Papadopoulos, Stavros M Fatouros, Michael Karamolengos


The Discrete Infinite ODE System result on particular cases of interest, like Porus Medium Equation and Fisher equation. Also using matlab, we give several observations on the solutions of our discrete system for a number of given fuctions. In many cases, the results of the mathematical models of many physical phenomenons, product a special kind of differential equations like: Lattice Ordinary Differential Equations (L.O.D.E). We have a lot of applications for these kind of mathematical models: In biology (in calcium bursts in living shells), in propagation of action potentials in through the tissue of the cardiac shells, in DNA’s transmission, in Physics (superconductivity theory and non-linear optics, Josephsson’s patterns), in the mechanic’s of the materials (solidity and long range attribute of the materials) and finally in technology (scheduling electronic loop).


93C55, 26A16, 32H25. Discrete Infinite Systems, locally Lipschitz continuous, Generalized Peano’s Theorem

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Matlab based observations on the solutions of Discrete ......... 7

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