Study of corrosion protection offered to concrete reinforcement by organic coatings and inhibitors

Paraskevi Pantazopoulou, SOFIA KALOGEROPOULOU


The application of organic coatings on concrete is the most widespread method for the protection of both the concrete and the steel reinforcement against weathering and corrosion, performing as well in decoration. Coatings prevent the access of harmful substances, mainly carbon dioxide and chlorides, from the environment into concrete. Exposure to sunlight, moisture and heat are the main factors influencing the durability of coatings and substrates. Corrosion inhibitors are also used in concrete to prevent corrosion, forming a protective film on the surface of the reinforcement and reducing chloride ion ingress into concrete. This study investigates reinforcement corrosion protection through organic coatings and corrosion inhibitors under accelerated conditions and assesses physicochemical properties of these coatings, such as liquid water permeability, water-vapor transmission rate and carbonation of concrete.


concrete reinforcement corrosion; organic coatings; corrosion inhibitors; protective ability; physicochemical properties of coatings

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