Analysis of power quality field measurements and considerations on the power quality standard

Georgios Vokas


Abstract—The aim of this paper is to present and analyze a series of Power Quality (PQ) field measurements that took place in different sites of the Greek electric grid, such as a nutrition industry, a photovoltaic park with nominal power of 100kW, a Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP), a food industry, a Town hall and in several buildings of two educational institutes. PQ monitoring seems to be very important in Greece due to the fact that there are still no legislative rules covering this issue neither from the users’ nor from the grid administrator’s side. The results of these measurements are used in a research project which aims to create a PQ evaluation model using fuzzy sets methodology in order to calculate a total PQ index of a specific point. In this paper an analysis of these measurements is presented. PQ disturbances are recorded according to EN 50160, while a comparison with PQ limits of EU countries is introduced.


Power Quality, Disturbances, Field measurements, Power quality Standard

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